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Connor Coolbear

At Electric Theatre Collective, Connor is the go-to expert in colour grading, armed with expansive knowledge of cinema and pop culture, allowing him to draw from a vast array of references.

Beyond his technical proficiency, Connor is a highly skilled colourist, working closely with accomplished directors like Duncan Loudon, Alex Lill, Greg Barth, and Raja Virdi, among others.

His impressive portfolio encompasses commercial projects for Apple Music, Cadbury, and Haig Club, as well as music videos for renowned artists such as Slowthai, The Weeknd, and Metronomy.

Connor is also the colourist behind acclaimed shorts like 'Wedlock', 'The Runner' and 'Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle', and music videos 'Cash In Cash Out' by Pharrell Williams ft. 21 Savage & Tyler, the Creator.

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