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Cedric Viollet

Based in Paris

Cedric Viollet is a photographer based in Paris, France. His interest in photography originated from his early passion for skateboarding and surfing, which quickly expanded as he sought to explore new lands and cultures. After studying art and art history at university, Cedric embarked on numerous adventurous journeys, documenting his experiences and capturing the beauty of the world through encounters in Lesotho, Eastern Europe, Australia, and China.

In 2017, Cedric conceived the project "Ringxiety," a book focused on phantom phone calls in Hong Kong. His distinct artistic style is evident in each of his projects, which form a cohesive collection. With a solid technical foundation and a keen sense of beauty, Cedric has expanded his commercial work to include portraits, fashion, and landscapes. Notable brands he has collaborated with include Mercedes, Lacoste, Elie Saab, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès.

Cedric's work has been featured in publications such as M Le Monde, Hunter, Dsection, Vanity Fair, and Interview. He is also affiliated with 1991, a creative publishing house, and has established a strong relationship with Leica as a contributor to their workshops.

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