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Caviar is an independent film studio based in Los Angeles, London, Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam. In terms of advertising, the studio has won over fifty Cannes Lions for its work over the years. Even amidst the challenges posed by COVID, Caviar demonstrated resilience and adaptability by promptly adjusting to protocols to ensure the safety of its on-screen and behind-the-screen talent. Only one shoot day was halted due to COVID concerns. Throughout the past two decades, Caviar has established itself as an internationally acclaimed independent studio, consistently producing compelling content that garners prestigious awards.

However, amidst the intricate media landscape of 2023, the term "content" begs clarification. How does one define it? Caviar's definition revolves around its role in realizing creatively-driven projects. Whether it entails producing an Oscar-nominated film, executive producing a Netflix docuseries, securing financing for an international feature, selling an unscripted series to numerous territories, crafting a captivating Super Bowl campaign, conducting a fashion shoot, or overseeing color correction for a web-series, Caviar embraces the diverse array of endeavors with which it has been involved. In short, the answer is yes,

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