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Cartsen Keller

Based in United Kingdom

As an acclaimed Executive Creative Director with over 21 years industry experience , Carsten has collaborated with an array of notable directors on a host of memorable projects including the award winning ‘Seven Worlds’ for Hennessy directed by Ridley Scott, ‘Batman vs Superman’ for Turkish Airlines directed by Zack Snyder, Heineken ‘Pep Talk’ directed by Guy Ritchie and Matthias Van Hejiigen’s Heineken ‘Trailblazers’. He also worked frequently with Traktor, Ians Pons Jewel , Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and Frederic Planchon .

In 2021, Carsten took on a director role himself for Marvel’s PS5 ‘Wolverine’ teaser film . His most recent directing gig featured the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog Character in a McDonalds Campaign for the release of Paramounts Sonic the Hedgehog2 in March 2022.

His diverse portfolio of brand work includes campaigns for Apple, Marvel, Sony, Lexus, Jaguar, VW and McDonalds to name a few.

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