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Carol Ozzi

Based in Brazil

A Production Designer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since 2007, she has been extensively involved in the Production Design of over 300 advertising films, music videos, short and feature films. Her educational background includes a degree in Cinematography from TAFE Sydney, Australia, in 2002, and a degree in Cinema and Advertising from FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2006.

Carol also completed post-graduate studies in Furniture Design at SENAC in 2007 and studied Set and Lighting at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2006, along with various art and behavior-related courses.

Her projects have received numerous nominations and awards at festivals such as D&AD, Ciclope Festival, Clio Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Lia Awards, El Ojo, and CCSP, in collaboration with partners like Stink, Iconoclast, Saigon, and RT Feature.

In recognition of her outstanding work, she was awarded Best Production Designer at the Whext Festival in Brazil in 2018 and 2021. Additionally, she won the Kikito for Best Production Designer at the Gramado Film Festival in Brazil in 2022, with the film "Tinnitus." Her exceptional talent was further acknowledged with the Best Production Designer awards at FIAP (Mexico), CCM (Mexico), and CCSP (Brazil) for the film "Hecho con las Manos."

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