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Carlin Wilson-Webb

Based in New York

Carlin, an Emmy Award-winning producer with extensive global experience, currently serves as the Executive Producer at SMUGGLER. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed living and working in diverse cities such as London, Sydney, New York, and L.A., which have taken her all around the globe. Grateful for her good fortune, she thrives on problem-solving and tackling challenges, qualities that have contributed to her success as both a Producer and a mother. With maturity, her priorities have evolved, no longer choosing workplaces based on the presence of a bar, and she now purchases her own attire.

Her impressive portfolio includes work for renowned brands such as adidas, adobe, Arnotts, BBC, Barclays, Chase, Continental, Coors Light, Daily Telegraph, Dannon, Dell, Google, Harrods, McDonald's, Patek Philippe, Pinterest, Pilsner Urquell, RTA, Starbucks, St George Bank, Telecom Italia, Tillamook, Truth Initiative, and VW.

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