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Cai Yunpu

Based in China

Cai Yunpu, a photographer based in Shanghai, has been actively involved in the photography industry since his graduation in 2008. He possesses extensive experience in editorial photography, having collaborated with numerous esteemed magazines in China, including AD China, ELLE DECORATION China, GQ, IDEAT, VOGUE, and Modern Weekly. Cai has developed a mastery of still life and interior photography, showcasing his talent in these fields.

As an astute observer with a keen eye, Cai finds inspiration in capturing the subtle relationships that unfold within his subjects' surroundings. His primary focus lies in interior photography and still life, excelling in skillfully managing the composition of subjects of varying scales within a single frame. Cai's work predominantly features natural light, which not only faithfully represents the subject's appearance but also imparts a sense of comfort and warmth to the overall image.


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