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Breaking Down Occhio's The Last Lafayette

Who really is The Last Lafayette and how will Occhio be the object of judgement? Let’s find out!

Brief: Watching the ad and decoding every element of production, right from the conceptualisation to the execution, the brief can be deduced to run along the lines of elegance and class, and reflect the richness in the quality of life that Occhio offers.

Narrative: The narrative of “The Last Lafayette” is one that shows a couple, both independent in their lives, yet still enjoying the thrill of impressing each other with little, playful tricks. From the tonality of the plot to the chemistry between the couple, director Martin Werner keeps the grace of the product intact.

Cinematography: With wide-angle shots to highlight the grandiosity of the interior design as well as close-up shots of the cast to build layers to their relationship, Occhio achieved precisely the positioning it wanted to get over to the audience. Adding to the camera angles were the impressive high contrast lighting and grading to set the mood!

Casting: Who can utterly and hopelessly mesmerise you with their charm without even trying if not Mads Mikkelsen and Alma Hasun? The elegant yet relaxed personality of the cast fit perfectly Occhio’s minimal and classy brand personality. With their chemistry on screen seeming as unpretentious as one that takes many years to materialise, we simply couldn’t get enough of the two!

Set Design: One word. Extravagant. With immaculate attention to detail, the interior design reflects affluence and sophistication. From the neo-fireplace to the petals of the bouquet, the props leave us awestruck at their refinement and beauty.

Editing: Masterfully edited, The Great Lafayette was as engaging and immersive as reality itself. From the cinematography to the temperature and cuts, this spot was treated to look not only cinematic but also frisk and sensual!

SFX and Music: With magnificent and imposing music, The Last Lafayette captured the essence of the narrative perfectly. Despite the rich notes, the rhythm flows easily throughout. There is drama but no tension, much like in Mikkelsen’s attempt to impress the mistress!

Roll out: With The Last Lafayette being only one of three spots in this campaign, we would say the run-time of the campaign was pleasant and refreshing. Even as a stand-alone spot, The Last Lafayette began and ended just at the right note, before anything started to feel like a bit of a drag. A sharply timed ad that had us hooked for just enough time before the kettle gets too hot!

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Tout ensemble, every element executed flawlessly and integrated seamlessly gave us this gem of an ad we keep coming back to every once in a while!


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