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Boucard Matias AFC

Matias is an award-winning cinematopgrapher with extensive experience in his craft. Since 2005, he has been actively involved in shooting numerous feature films and TV shows. One of his recent projects includes the feature film "ATHENA," directed by Romain Gavras, which earned the prestigious recognition of being selected for the Official Competition at la Mostra di Venezia in 2022. Additionally, he had the privilege of contributing to a captivating feature film centered around the construction of the Eiffel Tower. This film starred Emma Mackey and Romain Duris, skillfully directed by Martin Bourboulon.

Another remarkable endeavor in Boucard's career was the biopic of the renowned French diver and explorer, Cousteau, aptly titled "The Odyssey." Jerome Salle helmed this captivating film, boasting a stellar cast featuring Audrey Tautou, Lambert Wilson, and Pierre Niney. The shooting of this movie took place in five distinct countries, spanning across the globe, including the fascinating landscapes of Antarctica.

Boucard has won several prestigious awards for his work, some of which are -

- DIESEL "FRANCESCA" (directed by Francois Rousselet) - Cannes GOLD LION Best Cinematography 2021- Silver Clio Award Best Cinematography, Silver Best cinematography French Artistic Director Club 2021.

- ORANGE "THE BATTLE" (directed by Francois Rousselet) - Bronze Best cinematography French Artistic Director Club 2020.

- NIKE "da da ring" (directed by Francois Rousselet) - D&AD Wood Pencil best cinemathography, Gold Lion Canne 2017

- CANAL + "The Cube" 2015 (directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet) - Silver CLIO best cinematography

- KOHO "Dream Thieves" Shortlist best cinematography CANNES LION 2019, Shortlist CLIO award 2019

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