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Based in New York City, Blacksmith is a prominent visual effects studio driven by a team of highly skilled and passionate creatives. Each member shares a common goal: to create visually stunning experiences that captivate audiences.

Throughout their careers, the Blacksmith team has had the privilege of honing their skills at renowned post-production facilities around the globe, benefiting from the guidance and mentorship of industry experts. It was during this time that they discovered their shared vision for a dynamic and innovative studio—a place that would be lean, agile, and at the cutting edge of their craft. Thus, Blacksmith was established, solidifying their creative bond.

Since its inception, Blacksmith has collaborated with some of the most thrilling and influential companies worldwide. Their exceptional work has enabled them to forge enduring partnerships with visionary clients who seek their expertise in creating extraordinary visual experiences. Blacksmith continues to push boundaries, offering innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results that surpass expectations.

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