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Bharat Bala

Based in Mumbai, Chennai

Multiple national as well as international award-winning Writer-director Bharat Bala is one of the most sought after professionals in the industry.

Bharat Bala produced the acclaimed album Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana Video and heads BharatBala Productions based in Chennai.

He directed a short film Hari Om in 2004.[2] He was set to direct and produce Indo-Japanese film, co-produced by Disney, called The 19th Step, written by and starring Kamal Haasan, but the film was later shelved. He directed the music video of official song of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto and also the opening ceremony of the games. In 2013, he completed his first feature film, Maryan, which opened to good reviews but turned out to be an average grosser.

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