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Bark Soho

Based in UK

Bark Soho is a london-based boutique audio post-production service that offers a comprehensive range of audio solutions. They are closely associated with Eclectic Music, a well-known company specializing in music production. Bark Soho specializes in creating innovative and impactful sonic storytelling for a variety of industries including advertising, film, branding, gaming, and immersive content.

The team at Bark Soho comprises highly skilled sound designers, composers, and mix engineers who have gained recognition and awards for their work. They have extensive experience in the production industry, having worked for various companies. The producers at Bark Soho come from diverse backgrounds, including senior agency producers, experienced sound producers, and music supervisors. This allows them to have a comprehensive understanding of the creative process at every stage.

Located in the heart of Soho, Bark Soho operates from a Victorian townhouse that has accommodated renowned and globally recognized campaigns. Their primary focus is on delivering the best sound solutions to enhance clients' projects.

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