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Azure Talents

Based in New Delhi

Azure Talents is a boutique agency based in New Delhi, India. Since opening our doors in 2016, they have strived to work with vitality and dynamism in every project they undertake. Today, they are a well-known modelling agency in India, with numerous successes to their credit. From the outset, they have worked with the leading magazines, production houses, movie producers, advertising agencies and fashion designers. They are well established in the e-commerce business as well. They have a diversified portfolio of talents from all over the world, sourcing their talents from countries like Bulgaria, Greece, France, Spain, Colombia, Serbia, UK, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and others. Their long standing success is credited, in part, to their continuous introduction of new faces into the fashion and advertising industries. Each and every member of their team works with zest, vivacity and professionalism to meet even the most demanding request of their clients.

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