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Avani Rai

Avani Rai, a Mumbai-based photographer, has an extensive portfolio encompassing both fiction and documentary filmmaking. She has contributed as a camera person to various short films, showcasing her versatility in both genres.

Notably, Rai has undertaken profound photographic assignments, including in-depth photo essays revolving around the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and its enduring aftermath, as well as compelling visual narratives highlighting the Kashmir story and the Chennai water crisis.

Her photographic works have been published in various reputed publications - Indian and international - such as GQ, Vogue, Architectural Digest, The Wire, The Hearst, The platform, Sunday Guardian, Scroll and many others. Her recent directorial and cinematographic venture, 'Raghu Rai-An Unframed Portrait,' intimately explores her father's, Raghu Rai's, photographic journey. This film provides a unique perspective on India's historical evolution spanning the past five decades, as chronicled through her father's captivating imagery.

A distinctive facet of Rai's body of work is the 'dot series,' which marks her debut into the realm of art photography.

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