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Arnab Gayan

Arnab, hailing from the small town of Nagaon in Assam, was exposed to the rich and diverse folk culture of the region at an early age. As a result, he became intrigued by people, their lifestyles and traditions. This curiosity led him to travel for a year after completing his schooling, during which time he began experimenting with photography.

Following graduation in Sociology from Hindu College, Arnab worked briefly in various news channels before enrolling at the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India to pursue his post-graduation.

Nowadays, he works as a freelance cinematographer for films, documentaries, and television commercials, with his work being screened at several international film festivals. Arnab has a history of producing high-quality commercial works for brands such as Fastrack #YouDoYou, HP Kuch Karne Ka x Divine, Google Voice, Instagram - We are The Making and Pulsar Beastmode.

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