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Anupama Ramaswamy

Based in Gurgaon

Chief Creative Officer at Havas Worldwide India where she leads the creative team to produce innovative and impactful work. Prior to her current role, Anupama served as the National Creative Director at Dentsu Creative.

Anupama oversees the creative product, manages key client relationships, and meets business targets. She is responsible for heading the creative mandate for both Delhi and Bangalore, working with key clients such as Maruti Suzuki, Ikea, Vivo, Subway, Paytm, Hindustan Times, Unicharm, Hamdard, and more.

Anupama works on the digital and content strategy, handles the social media pages, crafts Hero, Hub, and Hygiene ideas, and maneuvers the agency towards integration, utilizing cross-agency strengths for key clients.

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