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Andi Chu

Andi, born and raised in Taiwan, was profoundly influenced by the worlds of film and music during her formative years. When she's not engrossed in colour grading sessions, you can find her enjoying techno music on the dance floor or embarking on adventurous climbs up opulent limestone cliffs in Kalymnos.

Before delving into the realm of post-production, Andi pursued a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and an MA in Performance Design (Digital Scenography), providing her with a diverse skill set and a vast body of work that has contributed to her unique visual sensibilities and creative approach.

Andi's remarkable portfolio includes collaborations with prominent brands like Adidas, Amazon Music, Samsung, Glenlivet, KFC, BBC, Sky, Freeview, Arsenal, and Budweiser. She has worked alongside esteemed directors such as James Slater, Fa&Fon, Jocelyn and Dawn, Kieth Scofield, and Mathery.

In 2022, Andi received recognition for her outstanding colour grading work on the Samsung commercial "Awesome is for Everyone" when she was shortlisted at the inaugural Young Arrows and Kinsale Shark awards in the Colour Grading category. The same year, her remarkable work on the music video "New Moon" for MØ earned her a Bronze award at the Creative Circle awards for Best Colour Grading.

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