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Alexander Zolotarev

Based in Tokyo, Japan

Originally from Moscow, Alex began his career as a Senior Colourist at CG Factory, a prominent Russian post-production house, where he played a significant role from 2014 until 2022.

During his tenure, he successfully handled over 300 projects annually, ranging from commercials and music videos to TV shows and films. His expertise and skill set made him a leading figure among Russian colourists.

Alex's reputation extended beyond Russia's borders as he collaborated closely with renowned directors and cinematographers from the USA and Italy. This global reach caught the attention of creators worldwide, including fellow colorists at Company 3. In 2022, he embraced the path of a freelance colorist, expanding his opportunities to work on diverse and exciting projects.

Alexander has worked with the likes of Cardi B, Adidas, Reebok, Oppo and Burger King among many others.

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