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Akshay Sundher

Based in Chennai

Akshay Sundher, a promising Director based in Chennai, India, is a self-taught filmmaker and editor with a professional background in gaming and photojournalism.

He obtained his post-graduate degree (MS in Communication) from Christ University in Bangalore.

Initially, Sundher gained recognition by creating self-funded short narratives, which earned awards and acclaim at various film festivals.

Over time, he transitioned into producing well-crafted content for advertisements, music videos, web series, corporate films, and more.

Sundher's portfolio includes directing an anthology for web series - Modern Love Chennai, and he frequently collaborates with agencies such as Ogilvy and brands like Zomato, 7Up, Maaza, Netflix, Swiggy, Star Sports.

His experience in photojournalism equips him with a deep understanding of the power of imagery, enabling him to construct his works as compelling visual narratives.

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