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Ajay Gahlaut

Ajay is a highly accomplished creative professional who currently serves as the Group Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Creative Services.

He is credited with creating the iconic lines for several popular campaigns. One of his most notable works is the line 'Do Boond Zindagi Ki' for the Pulse Polio Immunisation campaign, featuring superstar Amitabh Bachchan. He also wrote over a dozen commercials for the campaign, which played a significant role in eradicating polio from India.

Gahlaut is also responsible for creating the famous tagline 'Make It Large' for Royal Stag whiskey, which transformed the brand's fortunes and made it the highest-selling whiskey in its price range. He also created the character 'Mr. Murthy' for Voltas Air Conditioners and wrote several commercials for the campaign, which propelled Voltas to the number one position in their category.

Additionally, Gahlaut has written numerous commercials for Imperial Blue whiskey, featuring the famous sign-off 'Men will be men'. This campaign became a massive hit in India and was loved by people year after year.

Despite his modesty regarding awards, Gahlaut has won multiple big, shiny gongs, including Cannes, One Show, and D&AD. In 2013, he led Ogilvy Delhi to a record eight Lions at Cannes, making it the most significant achievement for a single office of an Indian agency.

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