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afaqs! is an online media outlet that specializes in media, marketing, and advertising. It has earned a reputation as the most reliable source for news and analysis related to these industries. Established on September 28, 1999, afaqs! aimed to simplify the lives of advertising, media, and marketing professionals by providing them with the information they need. Today, afaqs! is the largest website in its category in India and is the only one to have received audit certification from ABCE, UK. It is also a leader in generating revenue.

Originally known as agencyfaqs!, the site was rebranded as afaqs! in May 2008. The name 'afaqs!' has become a trusted name in the industry and is used as a prefix for all of the company's ventures to create a unified identity.

In 2005, afaqs! launched a fortnightly print magazine called afaqs! Reporter. The magazine covers news related to advertising, media, and marketing, capturing the essence of the industries. Despite being in a crowded space, afaqs! Reporter generates more revenue per issue than any other competing title.


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