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Advait Nemlekar

Based in Mumbai

Award-winning music composer, Advait Nemlekar has an extensive experience of 12+ years in the music industry.

Advait started playing the keyboard at the age of three and was trained in Indian Classical Music. He received further training from the Ajivasan School of Music. Advait also completed six levels of music training from the Trinity School of London and participated in various district and state-level competitions.

His career in music began with internships at Whistling Woods International, where he worked with Music Professor Dee Wood, and with renowned Music and Strings arranger Neville Franco.

Over the course of his career, he has worked for an impressive number of commercials, short films and feature films for television and OTT.

He is best known for his work for Cadbury, Cadbury Crisp, Khakee (Netflix), Aashram, Naal, Laakhon mein ek, Saand ki Aankh and Lamput among others. He has also won at Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival.

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