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A9 Audio

Based in Brazil

A9 Audio is a renowned audio production company based in Brazil. They specialize in advertising and have collaborated with major clients in the Brazilian market such as Bradesco, Chevrolet, and Natura. Additionally, they have recently been involved in global campaigns for renowned brands like Dove, Coca-Cola, Uber, youtube, spotify and Motorola.

Consistently recognized for their achievements, A9 Audio has once again been ranked among the top six most internationally awarded audio production companies in Brazil this year.

One aspect that distinguishes A9 Audio is their strong connection with artists. They have collaborated with prominent musicians and bands including Tropkillaz, Seu Jorge, Marcelo D2, Rita Lee, Bebel Gilberto, and even international legends like Alice Cooper and Aerosmith.

Their unique sound can be experienced in commercials, albums, and series across the globe.

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