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Based in Switzerland

Founded in 1936 by Adolf Wirz in Zurich, Switzerland, they have established themselves as one of Switzerland's leading creative agencies for over 85 years. Throughout their history, they have achieved significant milestones and successfully executed numerous innovative projects for a wide range of clients. They have been recognized with awards such as the Goldbach Crossmedia Award 2023 and Gold at the New York Festivals TV&Film Awards for their captivating film featuring Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer on a memorable road trip for Switzerland Tourism. Additionally, they have received the Marketing Excellence Award 2023.

Their partnerships include collaborations with global agency networks like BBDO Worldwide and Web Republic, with BoB (Best of Both) acting as a vital link between Wirz and Web Republic.

Their services encompass consulting, where the expert teams in business and brand consulting, branding, research, data, and analysis conduct comprehensive evaluations of brands, products, customers, and data systems.

Creativity is at the core of their approach, as their team of professionals in campaigning, branding, and product & service ideation craft impactful ideas, authentic stories, genuine emotions, and relevant content to generate genuine enthusiasm for their clients' brands.

They excel in conversion-focused strategies by utilising data, CRM, e-commerce, production, dialog & performance marketing, and marketing technology to solve complex business problems.

Their extensive client portfolio includes collaborations with renowned brands such as Lindt, Migros, Interpharma, Swica, SUVA, Swisscom, and ifolor, among many others.

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