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Based in France

Ojoz, an artist immersed in American culture from a young age, channels the essence of street life, hard work, and pop culture in his unique and visionary work. Growing up with television channels like MTV and exposure to hip-hop music videos, Ojoz developed a profound connection to American culture, which became the foundation of his artistic world. With a self-taught technique and a quick ability to establish his identity, Ojoz has emerged as a pioneer of a new generation, receiving recognition from prominent figures in the industry.

Ojoz has already exhibited his work on multiple occasions and has collaborated with esteemed artists including Disiz, Booba, Dj Snake, Young Thug, Ichon, S-Crew, Samson, Travis Scott, Mos Def, Selah Sue, Pete Doherty, and Asaf Avidan. Notably, he has recently excelled in directing music videos, particularly with two successful clips for Disiz and the music video for Dinos' "Flashé." Ojoz's artistic approach is characterized by his visionary perspective and his ability to capture the spirit of the subjects he portrays.

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