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No. 8

Based in UK

No.8 is a professional audio, color, and VFX studio based in London. It was founded in 2019 by Creative Director Jim Allen and Managing Director Barny Wright. In 2020, they welcomed renowned sound designer Sam Robson as a Creative Director.

No.8 offers a comprehensive range of services in editing, audio engineering, music production, color grading, VFX, CGI, and animation. Their personalized approach caters to clients in the advertising, film, and television industries.

The studio has worked on notable projects including Skoda's Karoq (audio), Nandos' Something Else (audio), Samsung Wearables' Watch (audio and VFX), Nike Jordan's Range (VFX), Pepsi's The Tade Mo Salah (VFX), Nike Jordan's DNP (color), and Ed Sheeran's 2step (color), among others.

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