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Based in France

The Kouz company, led by artistic directors Grégoire & Thomas Couzinier, specializes in the production and post-production of sound and music for audiovisual and cinematographic content. With a range of technical resources and a team of dedicated professionals, Kouz offers a diverse set of services. The company encompasses four distinct units: Production, Studio, SuperPitch label, and Insonic, a platform based in Paris and Brussels.

Kouz has earned international recognition for its expertise and operates across various domains, including art-house and genre cinema, commercial advertising, sound design, and post-production. Beyond these realms, Kouz's knowledge and skills are sought after for art installations, documentaries, musical supervision, and music recording and production. The company's soundtracks have garnered numerous prizes and awards at renowned advertising festivals and conferences such as Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, D.A.'s Club, L.I.A., and others.

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