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Based in Brazil

Founded in 1991, O2 is a prominent production company that has left an indelible mark on the Brazilian media landscape. Over the course of three decades, O2 has been instrumental in telling captivating stories across various mediums. Their portfolio encompasses over 2,000 projects, including commercials, feature films, TV series, internet videos, public campaigns, institutional films, exhibitions, and books. O2's storytelling prowess has taken them to diverse and challenging locations, ranging from underwater environments to remote wilderness areas, snow-covered landscapes, and even the slums across the globe.

Their productions have featured renowned actors as well as individuals who discovered their acting talents through the company's projects. The breadth and depth of O2's work are truly remarkable.

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  • São Paulo: +55 11 3839-9400

  • Rio de Janeiro: +55 21 3172-9900


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